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Online Groups

The following groups are TRUSTED and TESTED by myself after 15 years of extensive researching and observations of ‘bad players’ within the “Freedom” or “Truth” movement. If anyone is charging you more than a few hundred quid to teach you stuff online or “create your remedy for you” – then they are likely not to be trusted. There are many examples of people being charged ‘£-thousands’ for Trust creation or some other service.

I describe it as the progression of the “Freeman On The Land” movement – which really was just a term coined by others to describe a vast body of people from all walks of life and countries, looking at a vast body of information around divine law, natural law, constitutional law, equity and contract law and modern systems of government and society.

The Sovereign Project

Trusted educators of fundamental concepts and remedies (UK/World)

Excellent course available in 22 parts for just £68.
5 star recommendation

Hornseywood Academy

Immediate education resources and remedies available (UK)
£5 a month for access to their Patreon resources.
5 star recommendation